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Cherry Blossoms

Project Bloom

Encouraging Mental Health Awareness and Discussion in the Afghan Diaspora


Mental Wellbeing Webinar

In this zoom event, child development consultant & Afghan-Canadian generational healing advocate Mona Fakhry will be leading youth in a seminar focused on mental wellness! Check out her social media platform for more information about her! (instagram: mindfully_mona). The goal of this seminar is to help Afghan youth understand mental health, and leave youth with a "tool kit" of coping strategies for wellbeing. Participants will be entered in a gift-card raffle to a store of their choice!


Project Bloom

The School Bag Project: Bloom, recognizes that Afghan children & youth from a refugee, newcomer, or low-income background are faced with unique challenges in these current times. Aside from the socioeconomic barriers to health and education, they can face significant mental health challenges as a result of the intersection of their personal situation and/or its interaction with the Covid-19 pandemic. These mental health challenges are often not talked about enough in the Afghan community. Bloom’s mission is to promote mental wellness and discussion in the Afghan community. Aside from the regular stationary and health items (now including personal protection equipment), school bags associated with Bloom will include mental health resources (based in Toronto) for Afghan youth and other mental-health related items based on our participants needs. Also, make sure to watch out for an upcoming mental health seminar in the new year facilitated by professionals who will speak upon mental wellness issues and tips for Afghan Youth. 

Thank you to Rising Youth, AYEDI, and yourselves for all your generous support in this sub project!

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